Feature your New York vacation rentals on nearly every page of our website and send our renter traffic to your property website. Extra exposure is good.

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Want more of our visitors to know about your New York vacation rentals?

Feature your vacation property on our website for $555/YEAR. It’s a great way to boost visits to your property website, promote a special, or just maximize your exposure. We rotate up to 5 properties at once, so every participant gets plenty of renter value. Feature Property Banners consist of a picture, logo, 5-6 bullet points of copy. We’ll set it up for for free too. A Google Analytics report is provided at the end of your campaign.

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Shortly after payment is received, we will contact you to gather information for your featured property campaign. Scroll up to see a sample of the Featured Property Banner.

Call us at 608-721-6238 find out more or email us at info@itscabintime.com.

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