The Internet is not always used for good. Here's how you can avoid booking website scams.

How to avoid booking website scams

What's the best way to avoid booking website scams? Use safe (book direct) websites like

Our website allows renters to book directly with property owners or local rental managers.

"The most sure-fire way to avoid any potential pitfalls or hassles is to book direct, or even go old-school and call." That comes from the (American Hotel and Lodging Association). On the Internet, it's often hard to tell the phony booking websites from the legitimate. And that's creating problems. At renters can connect and book directly with owners or local managers. So, whether you are a rental owner, or a vacationer searching for New York vacation rentals, you should always use book direct services.


As vacationers, you need to be aware of the hidden traveler fees and the massive number of online booking scams:

Latest Study reveals - Almost 15 million online bookings are scams latest study reveals – Almost 15 million hotel/vacation rental bookings carried out online are scams by third-party rogue booking websites. And these websites now list vacation rentals.

“Consumers deserve transparency in knowing who they are booking with. That is why we have been actively working with state and national government agencies, including the FTC, as well as consumer advocacy groups, to ensure that consumers are protected and can feel comfortable in the booking process. It’’s always safest to book direct,” said Katherine Lugar, president and CEO of AH&LA. We feel the same way - booking directly with the New York rental owner or local manager is the safe way to rent. Here are some tips from the BBB:

The internet is populated with many fake and scam sites - with many being created daily purely to look genuine. Even many review sites are tainted with fake reviews making it almost impossible for somedbody to detect a safe site from a scam. - WGAL Lancaster


Did she just get caught in a vacation rental scam? She called efforts to raise her price “extortion”.


More bad news about booking online... "Millions of online hotel and vacation rental booking scams occur every year. Regrettably...


Online booking scams are on the rise, with 55 million of these bookings a year translating to $3.9 billion in "bad" bookings. How to avoid booking website scams...


Online booking travel websites make booking vacations a lot easier but also put consumers at risk. Somehow the thieves gained...


WE KNOW HOW NECESSARY (AND SAFE) IT IS TO BOOK DIRECTLY WITH NEW YORK RENTAL OWNERS AND LOCAL RENTAL MANAGERS. That's why we launched which creates a safe and clear path to the rental owners and local property managers.

These stories will continue to roll out, and we will continue to educate travelers.

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